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Avital Ben-Gil Katz

Interior Design

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Avital Ben Gil Katz Interior Design  ‎Studio

Professional and creative studio offering a wide variety of Interior design solutions.

The Studio's offerings:

- Interior design for apartments, private houses, and outdoor areas. Private house and apartment renovation  as well as interior planning.

- Interior Plan creation for ready made contractor projects.

- Furniture design

- Home Styling

- Private consultation meetings for before property purchase and before renovation, for a specific room, furniture or selection of materials and accessories.


Planning and design are done with emphasis on creativity, with attention to a modern approach with emphasis on detail and a fully tailored result.

There is full cooperation between the client and the professional team from the ‎first steps of project definition till the end.

Each client is provided with full services precisely fitting his needs and vision through a clear plan definition while focusing on time management and budget constrains.

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Cell: 050-5714152 | Tel/Fax: 09-7724948 | Email:

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