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Avital Ben-Gil Katz

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Interior Design

Avital Ben-Gil katz Interior design studio

B.A. in Humanities Tel-Aviv University, M.A. studies in History of Arts, Tel Aviv University

Graduate of the Interior Design Program at Ort Singalovsky  Tel-Aviv 2005 and the Studio for Interior Designers Berzin Shoham 2007 Tel-Aviv.

For the past decade focusing on the private and public sector properties.

I believe that my role as a Designer  is to actualize  the client's dream while having functional and aesthetic  design and the highest level.  My work is characterized by attention to detail and  full attention to the client's need.  

Avital Ben-Gil Katz

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Cell: 050-5714152 | Tel/Fax: 09-7724948 | Email:

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